Data Science Research Centre


Data science has permeated into every industry, government, and business function. The future will need data-driven approaches for all fields of human endeavour. The challenges in handling massive datasets and performing the computations for analysis to transition from raw data to information to knowledge and to application are many and varied. Progress in this area will impact every facet of human life.

The Data Science Research Centre addresses the problem of utilizing the massive amounts of data coming available. Data management is a core area in computer science, and data processing is a core activity within software engineering. Big Data, data analytics, and data-driven software tools offer tremendous opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration with the social sciences, humanities, health and life sciences, ecology and the environment, culture and heritage, and engineering as research in all these disciplines has Big Data to analyse.

What is Big Data?


The mandate for the Data Science Research Centre is excellence in basic and applied research in all aspects of Big Data, including, but not limited to, data management, data storage, data retrieval, data integration, data analysis, data mining, and data visualization.

The Data Science Research Centre will promote open data in the University community, and more broadly, to business and government.

The Data Science Research Centre will promote collaboration, promote training of highly-qualified personnel, and bring together academics, industry, and government.